• Overnight visitors are not permitted. Any visitors must leave the premises prior to 22h00 when the gates are locked.
  • Please keep the volume down on any television, radio, audio system or musical instrument, so that  it is not audible from outside the room when the door is closed. The owners reserve the right to require these items to be turned off if they are disturbing other occupants of the house.
  • While we will make every attempt to ensure that you keep the same room for the duration of your stay, we reserve the right to require to move to another guest room at short notice. Such a move might be necessary if another guest has health or mobility problems requiring them to be in a more accessible location, etc.
  • The outside doors and gates are locked at 22h00. If you will be returning to the house after this time, you must make arrangements with the owners for re-entry. If you fail to make arrangements to have the doors opened, the owners reserve the right to charge an additional fee of R 100.00 per occurrence.
  • Guests are asked not to move, remove, or change furniture, pictures, wall hangings or other room decorations without the consent of the owners.
  • Water is a very valuable and scarce resource, so please do not waste. If you find any leakage/waste at your unit, kindly inform management.
  • The lodge is on septic and has no kitchen garbage disposal. Please empty food contents and oils into trash before rinsing or washing dishes / pots / pans.
  • Because the lodge  is on septic, placing any bleach and/ or harsh chemicals down the sink or shower drains destroy the bacterial / enzyme decay process in the septic holding tank.
  • Please be mindful what you put down on our toilets, some pipes in the home may clog if too much toilet paper is stuffed into a toilet at once. If you must, please flush twice being conscious of how much tissue paper you put in each flush. No sanitary napkins, paper towels, chewing gum, food, or other non-human waste into toilets please.